I’d Do Anything For You, #767


Ohhhhh……the things we do for our children!  Yesterday was one of those days.  It was early release day at her school, so I picked her up to spend the afternoon with her, as we designated the afternoon as the time we would spend on earning her cooking badge in Brownie’s.  So, we headed to the market, grocery list in hand and ready to conquer.

We cooked up a storm!  Seriously….it was like having a dinner party!  Check out all that we did.

(1)  The Savory Snack……Veggie people and guacamole:

Guac VeggiePerson2 VeggiePerson1

(2)  The Sweet Snack……M&M & sugar cookies (her idea)

Mixing Cookies Cookies2

(3)  The Energy Snack…………..Sweet & Salty Cashews (These didn’t come out as well as we liked…a little overdone)


We worked so hard, and we’re not even done with the badge yet!  We still have to make “The Snack You Can Slurp.”  Ingredients are purchased to make pineapple and cranberry smoothies.  She picked the frozen fruit.  We’ll hit that one up in time for her Brownie troop meeting on Monday.

I loved spending an afternoon like that with my daughter.  I know she’ll remember that afternoon together for a long time, because we worked hard with good results!  She was so proud to share all of these yummy creations with her Daddy and brother when they arrived home later in the evening.

Yep….I’d do anything for either one of my children, and my afternoon with my daughter reminded me of it yesterday.  That is why my song of the day is “I’d Do Anything For You” from the musical Oliver.  It’s a darling song, and I’ve even taught it to preschoolers around Valentine’s Day.  Click HERE to hear it, as I go wake my darling children with hugs, kisses, and M&M sugar cookies!!!


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