Hi Ho Hi Ho, #768


Nostalgia flooded through me as I dropped my daughter off at Hebrew school yesterday.  It was her first time going.  Ever.  For those of you reading this wondering what in the heck Hebrew school is, let me explain.

When a child is 13-years-old, in the Jewish tradition, they will have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  They will read from the Torah, and it is a coming of age event that takes years of preparation.  The studying that goes into it begins in 3rd grade.  That is when children begin weekly Hebrew lessons, as they will need to be able to read the Hebrew in the Torah.

As a kid, I went to Hebrew school, and I have to tell of you, that those Hebrew school days are some of my most vivid childhood memories.  I can’t say that I really loved Hebrew school, but the kids that I grew up going with are like my Jewish girl homies.  Those are the kids I really got to know.  Not only were we in Hebrew school together, but we went to each other’s Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, we were in youth group together and we went through Jewish confirmation together, too.  I’m friends with most of them on Facebook, and I always take great interest in their posts seeing what they are up to.  These are people who I really care about, because we have a history together.

From time to time, one of my Hebrew school homies will make a reference to those day.  It will be something that I forgot about, but totally know what they are talking about when they mention it…..like being given Star of David pencils at Temple on Shabbat for our birthdays or when another student would hide in the closet during Hebrew School class.  Ha!  These posts get the biggest laughs from me!

All of these thoughts ran through my head with one single wave goodbye as my daughter marched up the steps and into her Hebrew School classroom.  I half expected to see our teacher, Mrs. Berloff, waving from the doorway, but it was just the friendly and warm religious school director….anew generation with a new tradition.

My song of the day is from Disney’s “Snow White.”  The 7 dwarves singing “Hi Ho Hi Ho” always reminds me of my Daddy.  Every week before Sunday school, he’d sing “Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to Sunday School we go.”  I think he got that from his father…whatever, it’s just one more tradition of silliness woven into my tapestry of Hebrew School memories.  Click HERE to hear this sweet song that jogs my brain, as I tip my hat to sweet nostalgia this morning.  Those were the days!



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