Broken, #770


Our dishwasher broke last Thursday evening just as I was about to begin to wash a full load.  It wasn’t the mechanical part of the machine that had malfunctioned.  It was the hinges on the door.  So after some hefty research and phone calls and plenty of dish washing by hand, we determined that it was worth it to fix the dishwasher rather than buy a new one.

Unfortunately, the repair guy can’t come until Wednesday.  Grrrr….that means my manicure will be ruined by tonight, because I don’t think my nails can tolerate even one more dish….or my mind for that matter.

It’s funny.  I lived in apartment in Santa Monica for several years without a dishwasher.  I bought a really good drying rack and just accepted washing dishes by hand as a way of life.  Yes, washing dishes for a family of four is a much more daunting task than in my single days, but you would think I’d find a rhythm with this…that I’d be able to manage it somehow.  OMG!!!   That is absolutely incorrect if you think that I can handle this extra big chore.  Washing dishes by hand sucks, and I am counting the hours until Wednesday.

I’m feeling a little bit like a spoiled brat for whining about having to wash all of these dishes by hand, but fine…I am willing to accept a princess stigma….just give me a workable dishwasher!!!!!  Please!

I know this might seem like a minor life detail to write about, but for me, it’s BIG!  (and driving me a little batty, too)  That’s why I needed to use this experience as a song of the day.  Jack Johnson’s “Broken” seems apropos, and besides….I love this song.  So, click HERE to hear Jack Johnson’s beautiful song, “Broken,” on Youtube, and please Lord, help me get through these next couple of days as painlessly as possible.


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