Blue, #772


I have been sitting here staring at my computer monitor for the last 10 minutes desperately trying to think up another topic to write about than the one that’s on my mind.  Sometimes blogging can be too personal, and sometimes it can be therapeutic.  Today I am about to write words that I really don’t want to write, but I think that I must write them away.  Here goes:

My cat is sick….very sick.  I don’t really know what’s wrong except that it seems she is at the end of her life.  We’ve been to the vet over the last 6 weeks with various problems, and now here we are….at a point that is a little too familiar from when my beloved kitty, Pumpkin, passed on a few years ago.  I am recognizing the signs…the lethargy and the inability to eat.  We were at the vet two days ago….heart rate was fine, no temperature, which is why I am struggling with what to do with her.  At what point do you just let go?

This is one of those blogs that maybe just shouldn’t exist, but what else could I possibly write about with this on my mind?

I will go sing with children today, which always lifts my spirits.  I can easily get lost in their smiles and innocence, but underneath it all, today is a dismal day.  That is why my song is “Blue” by country crooner Leann Rimes, because quite simply, I feel deep sadness  within.  Click HERE to hear the song, and please know that these words on the monitor are not for sympathy’s sake.  They’re here just because I needed to see them in black in white.  Sorry folks……don’t mean to be a downer, but go hug your furry friends a little closer today when you read this.  Give them all one more scratch behind the ears from me.


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