Back on the Chain Gang, #778


I find it incredible that my kids come home from school each week with their “Friday Folders,” and I get homework.  I swear..there have been nights where I have more work to do than they do.  There are papers and forms and journals and readings, and the amount of materials has equaled to 30+ minutes of my time.  Obviously, they are my kids, and I will do anything for them.  Seriously though, between my two children I think the paper pushing is just a bit obnoxious.  It only adds to my feelings that I am always working and working and working.

My song of the day is from The Pretenders.  I love Chrissie Hynde and her band singing about being “Back on the Chain Gang,” because that’s how all of that paper pushing makes me feel.  Click HERE to hear this rockin’ lady from my hometown of Akron, OH, belt out this awesome song.  You’ll all be proud to know that I got my Mommy “homework” done yesterday even before dinner time.  That makes me rockin’, too!



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