White Rabbit, #781



Last night, my family and I went to my Mom & Dad’s house for Rosh Hashanah dinner.  My Mom is the most elegant woman, and every square each of her meal is done to perfection:  the table settings, the serving pieces, the floral arrangements, the food, the company, etc.  She is really super human the way she puts it all together.

Though my Mom is a total rock star, this blog today needs to focus on my daughter.  Today, I need to tell you all about my little sweetheart and the tea cups.

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and she has decided that she wants to have a tea party at our house.  My daughter is as girlie as they come, so I know that this party will need to be elegant and perfectly lovely in every way….kind of like a dinner at my Mother’s.

I began to tell my daughter that her Grandma and Grandpa have an incredible tea cup collection that they purchased over the years at various locations.  Each cup is unique in its own way….no two matching and all stunning.  I could see the wheels working in my daughter’s brain at the mention of these special cups, and she asked her Grandma if she could see them.  My Mom, because of the festive holiday meal, had them all sitting out to serve coffee in with dessert.  My daughter’s eyes grew wide with awe as she inspected each one.

It was time to leave my parent’s house to go home, and my daughter was not by our side.  We found her in the dining room still gazing at the cups.  Her eyes brimmed with tears when we told her it was time to go.  She was so moved by the tea cups’ beauty that she didn’t want to leave them.  I’ve never seen her so emotional and taken by anything like that before.  My Mom promised her future tea parties at her house, but as we rode home in the car, the tea cups were all she could talk about.

Fortunately, we have an elegant tea room in Tucson with an excellent gift shop, so I know I’ll be able to put together a very special package of tea service items for my very special little girl’s birthday.  My daughter is extraordinary, and watching her admiration of something so fine reminded me of it.  I love my baby girl!

One of the most famous tea parties of all time comes from “Alice in Wonderland.”  The Mad Hatter’s tea party even created one of the most famous rides at Disneyland, but man, those tea cups are just too crazy!  “Alice in Wonderland” has inspired so many songs in the music world, but the one that comes to mind the most is Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”  It is a drug-induced fantasy world all in a song, but infamous in its own right.  Click HERE to hear this 60’s classic, as I’m off to plan one very special birthday party for one very special little girl.



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