Cleaning Out My Closet, #783



Cleaning out a closet is such a physical and emotional endeavor.  I’m not talking about cleaning out a closet in a profound or metaphysical way.  I’m actually talking about cleaning out a closet with clothes, shoes and all of the other knickknacks that accumulate over time.

My hubby and I actually took every single thing out of our shared bedroom closet, and we sorted and folded and piled up stacks to donate.  It took hours, and man….it was a crazy chore.  What I want to know though is…why is it so hard to let go of all of that stuff?

I’ve heard the general rule of thumb before that if you haven’t worn it in a year, then you should get rid of it.  Clothes can be so emotional though.  Some of them are sentimental, and some are too small with promises attached that you will fit into them again someday.  Uggghhh…it’s so frustrating!

Our closet is small for two people.  It looks deceiving, because it’s a walk-in closet, but the hanger space is few and far between.  If we ever decide to do an addition on the house, I swear…it’d primarily be for a bigger or additional closet.  For the meantime though, we must make do with what we have and stop hanging on to things we just don’t need!

My song of the day is from rapper Eminem.  His song “Cleaning Out my Closet” is disturbing, as he is getting rid of negativity.  The video shows him digging a grave, and his lyrics are deeply personal even talking about his daughter by name.  Click HERE to hear and watch the song on Youtube, as everyone needs a chance to purge and can relate to cleaning out your closets.


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