Manic Monday, #789


Usually when I write blog, I reflect back on the previous day.  Nine times out of ten, there is something about the day that strikes me, and there is no effort to figure out what to write about.

This morning is different though.  I attended a funeral yesterday, and truly, I don’t really have any desire to reflect back on it.  Funeral’s are like that.  I don’t even need to know the person who died, and it drains all of the emotion out of me.  Don’t get me wrong, celebrating a beautiful life and watching a community come together is special in its own morbid way, but in this case, I could have done without it.

So, instead of looking back, I am preferring to look ahead this morning.  Of course, now that I am looking ahead, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed of all that lays before me in the upcoming weeks and beyond.  Oh boy….I have a full plate!  There is a birthday party to plan for my daughter, several events to facilitate at the JCC where my husband and I work, classes to teach, curriculum to plan, a house to clean…….BREATHE!

Yep, it’s feeling like a “Manic Monday,” so that is why the Bangle’s song from the ’80’s is also my song of the day.  Click HERE to hear it on Youtube, as I am focusing on just looking ahead.  Overwhelming or not, sometimes it’s the best thing to do.


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