Hot Blooded, #790


My son is ill, and my daughter has quite a condition, too.  She is sick with jealousy.  He has a fever, a runny nose, a cough…the works, so of course, he is staying home from school today.  It’s the second day in a row, and my daughter is so mad about it.  “if he’s staying home, then I’m staying home,” she declared with conviction.  Of course, there was no way I was going to let her get away with that one!

After we checked his temperature this morning, she suddenly started getting a headache.  Then, she said she had a sore throat.  My rule is that if there is no fever…then she’s going to school.

Of course, being a Mommy who loves her kids makes me want to waver.  The fact is that she could be coming down with what he has.  It’s more than possible.  Still….again, I’m standing by the no fever rule.

I highly suspect that we will be getting a call from the school nurse today.  “Well, she doesn’t have a fever, but she’s complaining a lot.  Since her brother is sick, I thought you should know.”  I get these phone calls all the time.

I’m feeling frustrated today.  Did I do this to my parents, too — put up a fuss, I mean?  I must have!  Man…it’s really rotten.

My song of the today is by Foreigner, because we are all feeling “Hot Blooded” today in more ways than one.  Click HERE to hear the song, as I defrost the chicken soup which should soothe all of our “hot-blooded” tendencies!


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