Candle in the Wind, #794


Last night, I went to Shabbat services.  I’m not a typical Shabbat service goer for many reasons…mostly because my son cannot manage an evening  where he has to sit still for a period of time longer than 5 minutes, but also because I have so little free time in my life.  With the free time I do have, I just need to shut down.  Isn’t that what Shabbat is all about anyway? — a time to pause.   Shabbat is a period of rest, and in my world, there is very little time for rest.  Despite it though, from time to time, I will hit up a Shabbat service for one reason or another, and I am usually glad to have been a part of it.

Last night, I attended in support of the Jewish rock band that my husband plays keyboards for.  Their lead guitarist and band leader passed away last week, and the band has decided to continue on.  It was a tough night for them, but I am so proud of him playing in his memory and continuing to make gorgeous music together.

There is a point in every Jewish service where the Rabbi reads names of people who had died in previous years.  It is called “yartzheit,” the Yiddish word for “anniversary.”  As the Rabbi was leading the list, he read my Aunt’s name.  It took me by surprise, because I did not realize that it was going to happen.  Tears sprung to my eyes as I felt like the family representative for her.  Later my Mom told me that her actual date of passing was in October, so I am not sure why they spoke her name at that moment.  Regardless, I was there to hear it, and it brought her memory straight to my mind.  I immediately pictured her face and her smile and could almost hear her laugh.  She was such a lovely and elegant lady and gave so many gifts of her knowledge to the world.

Anyhow…date of passing or not, it is so nice to think of her, so I am dedicating my song of the day to my Aunt Ruth today.  Click HERE to listen to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind,” because that is the way I am thinking of her today…as a bright glowing candle in the wind.  What a very special thought.




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