These Eyes, #796



They say that eyes are the window to a soul.  So many times I think about this phrase, because I have known these words to hold true over and over again.  Eyes can tell so much….a person’s character, whether or not someone is telling the truth, how the person feels about you or the any given situation.  In the case of this blog, however, the eyes I am writing about told me the person wasn’t feeling well.

That person was my daughter, and she has a cold.  She doesn’t have a fever, and she has been going to school.  It is hard for my husband and I to miss work, so usually if there is no fever….she goes.

Last night was Girl Scout night, however.  I picked her up from her after school program, and after one look at her I knew.  Her eyes were glassy and teary.  She didn’t say one word to me, but I am so in tune with her eyes and the carefree look they normally have.  When they are off even just a little bit, I know something is up.

So, we went home instead, and I let her veg out in front of the TV.  She needed it.

Today is picture day at the school, and I am sure she will not be feeling great.  It will be interesting to see if the photography will pick up the cold in her eyes with the same instinct that a mother has.  We’ll just have to see.

I need to go get her ready…poor baby.  Those eyes need some spark that only TLC, time and rest can give back to them.

My song of the day is a classic by The Guess Who.  “These Eyes” are perfect for the moment, so click HERE to hear it, as I go wake up those resting eyes.


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