Dream a Little Dream of Me, #801


Yesterday was the dreamiest and most special day I can remember in a long time, and I am so happy to tell you that it was my daughter’s birthday.  She requested to have a tea party for her birthday celebration, and blog friends…this was like a Mama’s dream come true!  Planning this party was all joy, and I need to share this amazing day in my blog today.  Here we go…

You can’t have a tea party without tea cups, and knowing how perfect it would be if each girl could choose out their own special cup and bring it home as their party favor, I spent several days travelling from thrift shop to thrift shop to find a treasure for each of them.  Here are just a few that I found.


The boys enjoyed beer mugs.  We wouldn’t want them to feel left out!


Decorating for this girlie dream fantasy made me feel like an artist with a blank canvas.  My daughter is a fan of powder blue, so our theme was pink with hints of blue throughout.  Here are a couple of pictures of the fruition.



One great thing about being musical people is that we often become friends with musicians.  Our two friends from the Tucson Civic Orchestra played gorgeous violin music which added so much to the ambiance.  My daughter was so excited to see live musicians there just for her!!!!


We played games!! —   Build the most creative sculpture out of sugar cubes and Bingo reusing the sugar cubes for the markers.



Even the parents joined in on the fun.  Check out my very own Queen Mum!  How in the world my mother drummed out that outfit out of the blue is something I’ll never understand, but wow!!!  She was amazing….a perfect lady inside and out!


Finally….the cake!  My daughter’s taste is absolute perfection.  I love what she picked.  Check this out.


So my dear sweet daughter, I hope all your dreams came true yesterday.  Mine did…9 years ago when you came into my life.  You are the very best dream of them all.

My song of the day today is the dreamiest and most romantic song I could find.  Michael Buble’s version of “Dream a Little Dream of Me” is as perfect as a tea party, so click HERE to hear it.  As for you, my beautiful daughter, may every dream you ever dream come true.  I love you!



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