Vocally Dynamic



Happy Tuesday everyone!  It’s time for another musical Top 10 Tuesday activity.  Today, we will be learning all about musical dynamics…how loudly or how softly we play a piece of music.  Today’s activity does not involve using one of the Top 10 Tuesday instruments, however. (Click HERE to see a list of the instruments)  Instead, today’s activity involves the most versatile and easy accessed instrument there is:  your voice!

Learning dynamics through vocal exercises is a great way to demonstrate the importance of them when playing instruments, too.  So….here we go…

The Activity

Parents, begin by writing down 10-12 different places where you would need to use different volumes of voice.  (The Library, a classroom, a rock concert, a football stadium, etc.)  Your child will be picking the slips of paper out of a bag, so fold them up when you are done writing.  Once they are all in a bag, instruct your child to pick their favorite stuffed animal and join you to start the game.

When your child picks a slip of paper out of the bag, they will then have a conversation with the stuffed animal in the volume of voice needed in that location.  Their conversation should give you hints of which location they are at, but they cannot say any of the words written on the slip of paper.  Between their hints and use of dynamics, you should be able to guess which location they chose.

The activity works nicely in a group, too, as it only adds to the game to have more children guessing locations.

Regardless, your child has just used volume in a way of expression just as it is done in music and with musical instruments.  Explain this to them.

Thank you for visiting The Tucson Songstress website again for another fun-filled Top 10 Tuesday music activity.  Don’t forget to check back every Tuesday for more musical fun.  Click HERE for previous activities, and until next week, play on!


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