Human Nature, #807


I believe that in the core of most people, there is good.  My mother has always stressed to me that I should find the good in everyone.  In some people, goodness is easier to find than in others, but sometimes those good qualities shine and take no effort in searching at all.

That was the case yesterday when I walked into Tucson’s wonderful music store, The Folk Shop.  It was my first time walking back into the store since our friend who worked there had passed away a couple of weeks ago.  I came to the store with one purpose: to replace a battery in the guitar tuner that my Folk Shop working friend had given me.  This was his tuner that he pulled out of his guitar case and refused to take back when I tried to return it.

I told The Folk Shop gentleman my story behind the tuner, and to carry on in our friend’s way of being, they refused to take my money for the battery.  I really tried to pay them, but as I walked away from the store, I was smiling at the kindness that still surrounds our mutual friend despite the fact that he is gone.  I know that they were smiling, too.

What a beautiful feeling….our friend is still making all of us smile even though only his memory is with us.  So touching!

My song of the day today is Michael Jackson’s timeless “Human Nature,” because yesterday I really felt and saw a precious example in what my mother has told me for years…that people are typically good in nature.  Click HERE to hear this awesome song from the infamous “Thriller” album, and please make sure to share your goodness today and everyday, because we all have the ability to help each other smile.


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