Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, #809


My kids are getting older.  I know this is true, because we’re getting to the age where play dates far supersede hanging out with Mommy & Daddy.  There is something very bittersweet about this even knowing how normal it is.

Yesterday afternoon, my hubby & I insisted to our daughter that we go watch our son play basketball in his first game of the season.  Our plan was to have lunch together, watch the game and then go shopping at Costco.  Digging her heels in the ground, my daughter insisted, “I need a play date.”

Now, blog friends, my daughter has play dates almost every weekend.  She is by no means lacking in her weekend fun.  I just don’t think it’s too much to ask,however, that from time to time we all support each other and stick together as a family.  I think a first basketball game (and the last one, too) is a good enough reason to skip a play date for a day.  Sheesh….would it really kill her to spend an afternoon with us when we don’t have majorly exciting activities planned?

Luck was on my daughter’s side.  After the game, my husband’s phone rang with a play date request for her.  We dropped her off for dinner with her friend’s family, and somehow…she still got her play date.

When my son realized she was getting a play date, and he wasn’t……another hissy fit!  Seriously…..are we chopped liver?

Okay kids…we need to talk!  The bottom line is that your old Mom & Dad love you.  We want to spend casual time with you, so please…don’t grow up too quickly.  Maybe a trip to Costco is not as exciting as a play date, but we are a family.  Any moment we can get with you is good enough for us.

My song of the day is “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” because it is a song about doing absolutely nothing.  Sometimes beauty can be found even in the most mundane things, and I’m turning to this song for validation.  Otis Redding, who was an incredible talent, wrote this old classic tune.  Though I love his voice on the song, I found a really cool cover of “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” with Sarah Bareilles playing piano and singing.  Boy does she have a good soulful voice.  You’ve got to check this out.  Click HERE to listen watch this gorgeous performance on Youtube as I daydream about enjoying time doing absolutely nothing with my loved ones.  It sounds perfectly good to me!


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