He Says She Says, #812


I love middle schoolers, and every week that I teach them, I get a glimpse into their lives.  If there is one word that I could use to describe all of them as a whole, it would be:  DRAMA!  The girls are so funny talking about the boys and who’s dating who,  and the boys act too cool to care about anything at all.

These are all normal traits in middle schoolers, and I adore each and every one of them.  They remind me of me when I was their age.  Their “One Direction” craziness was my “Duran Duran” mania.  I was boy crazy, too, and the non-caring boys drove me nuts.

Anyhow….I am honoring “The he said she said” today, because that’s what middle schoolers are supposed to do….care what people think too much.

I’m not sure whatever happened to Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit from the 1990’s, but their “Break stuff” popped into my head as I was writing this blog.  The chorus chants, “It’s all about the he said she said,” which is perfect for this topic.  Click HERE to listen on Youtube (pardon of the profanity), as I am choosing Duran Duran as my music of choice today.  They still make my heart swoon!


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