Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, #813



My husband and daughter had their own plans last night, so my son and I had a “date night.”  I love when I get to spend fun one on one time with my kids, and I know it means a lot to them.  So after soccer practice, my son and I went out to dinner, and then, I came up with a brilliant idea.  We could go shopping for a few new Halloween decorations, go back to the house and decorate.  We’d clean up and make the place look really good.  It’d be a surprise when my husband and daughter walked in after their evening together.

Oh man!  Little did I know I’d get the reaction I received when my daughter stepped in.  “What???!!!???  You decorated for Halloween without me?  You ruined our tradition!”  She took off for her room through tears and anger.  I swear, blog readers, I had no idea she considered our Halloween decorating to be a tradition.  To me, our pumpkin carving night and trick or treating are the big traditions.  Obviously, however, she considers decorating to be meaningful.  I had no idea.

My first reaction was to be annoyed.  I had just spent the last two hours working so hard on cleaning and sprucing up our family room to feel Halloween-y, and how dare she be anything less than excited when she saw it!  I did it for her, after all.  My intentions were good, and why couldn’t she see that?

Then, my husband reasoned with me.  She is just a kid.  Somehow, over these years, I have created a tradition even though I didn’t realize it.  There are hurt feelings all around, and I’ll never make the mistake again.  Thank goodness that we have a little girl who really values special family time together.  So, the remedy:  we will get a few more decorations to have her contribute to the house, and next year, there will be no decorating without her.

Boy, did I feel misunderstood last night, and that is why my song of the day today is The Animal’s song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”  It is so hard being a Mommy sometimes, so click HERE to listen to the song on Youtube to sympathize, because today….I need to be reassured that I’m not all that bad.



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