F$%k You, #816


I’m so happy & excited this morning!  I’m headed out-of-town for a 10th anniversary vacation with my hubby this morning!  This is our first “no kids” vacation in 4 years!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to our family for taking care of them and holding down the fort while we are away.  We are so extraordinary grateful!

So…with such a happy blog today you might be wondering why I chose Cee Lo’s “F#$k You” as my song of the day.  That is because there will be no kids around!  I can swear all I want to!  Woo hoo!!!

One of the funniest moments in these last 10 years was when we were driving in a car with my sister-in-law in Las Vegas.  The kids weren’t with us.  When my hubby realized it, he started howling with manic laughter and screaming out, “F$%k, F$%ity, F$%k, F%&k!”  The swear words were flying, and we were all in fits of laughter.

Sometimes, swearing feels really good!  So, click HERE to hear Cee Lo sing his awesome song, “F%^k You,” as I fly off into the wild blue yonder singing it as loud as I can!


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