Satellite of Love, #825



At a pretty young age, I inherited a lot of my brother’s vinyl record albums.  Among them, was Lou Reed’s “Take a Walk on the Wild Side:  The Best of Lou Reed.”  When I first got the album, I only listened to “Walk on the Wild Side” so proud that I memorized every word to the song, but over time, the rest of the album grew on me infectious with its poetic lyrics.

I listened to that album over and over again for years until vinyl became a thing of the past, and my collection of music slowly migrated to CDs.  I lost so much of my music during the CD transition days, and so when I heard of Lou Reed’s passing, all I wanted to do was listen to those songs again.

Thank goodness, in the internet generation, his music was only a few finger strokes away, and I suddenly found myself listening to familiar songs from my teenage years that comforted me like an old friend.  I am feeling loss over Lou Reed’s passing, and I know it’s because his music is so personal to me.

It brings me back to the days when I was listening to everything I could get my hands on and discovering my tastes in music.  Lou Reed’s music was my perfect blend….a little folksy/a little rock ‘n roll – and very very soulful.  His music speaks to me.

So, it only seems appropriate that I should pay tribute to this music legend today.  I know so many people felt so much sadness yesterday when the news came out, and that is the true sign of an artist…when they can touch so many people.

My song of the day today is Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love,” as I am hoping that somewhere and somehow in a galaxy far far away..Lou Reed feels all the love zooming his way on a proverbial “satellite of love.”  Click HERE to hear the song, and please help me honor this musical icon who left his mark on the world.  We have his music to carry on, and I know I’ll be uploading some of my favorites to my new iTunes account as the CDs have seemed to vanish away, too.


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