The Witch Doctor, #828


Last night was a night where memories were made, and I know that in its own sugary and spooky way, it was deeply meaningful.  Halloween is for sure a favorite night of the year, and I know that the effort we put in to making it awesome will be something my children will remember throughout their lives.  My parents did the same for me and my brother, and it is a night that both young and old look forward to.  So…..a few snapshots from our wonderful evening.


First….the costumes.  Here are my little Skeleton and Cookie Monster:

Dylan2 DylandHales2 Haley1

Trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  This is an annual tradition to stop at their house before we really hit the streets.  Boy, do they spoil the kids!

KakiPaTreats HaleyandPa1 KakiPaKids1

Door to door…filled with special sights, sounds, running into friends and candy loot!

LAmppost Yoda BatmanandHaley TrickorTreat HaleyStarburts DylanandAdam DylanandGabriel

And now Halloween is tucked away until next year.  Next year will bring about older children, new costumes and interests and more memories to be made.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

My song of the day is the song that was stuck in my daughter’s head last night.  She sang it for the entire 1-1/2 hours of trick or treating, and it is definitely the song I will associate with Halloween 2013.  Click HERE to hear Chipmunks’ father, David Seville, sing the original 1958 version of this classic Halloween song.  Until next year………


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