Winter Song, #831

From the "Winter Song" music videao

From the “Winter Song” music video

I overheard my son singing the other day.  Typically, I might hear some “Gangam Style” escaping from his mouth, but whatever he was singing this time was really lovely.  It was a song that stepped away from usual personality, and though asking about it was a risk (I didn’t want him to stop singing), I just had to know what this song was.

“We’re learning it in school,” he answered.  My daughter chimed in, too, “We’re all learning it for the next school assembly.  Some middle schoolers are coming, and we’ll be singing it with them.”  It’s an interesting song choice for elementary school children, but I loved seeing both of my kids obviously entranced with this piece of music.

So, I Google searched for it, and found the song in two seconds flat.  “Winter Song” is sung by Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.  It is the prettiest and most pensive tune, and I’m impressed with the school teacher making it a hit with the kids.  To me, this is a pretty sophisticated song for young children, but what the heck?  My kids just taught ME, the music teacher, a little about music.

Here’s what I learned from them:

–Never underestimate what kids can do.

–Make sure to expose children to all types of music, because it doesn’t matter if it’s not their typical taste.  A good song is a good song, and that’s that.

–Perhaps we’re turning a corner as my kids get older.  They can teach me about music, too!  Afterall, they are much more aware of newer music then I am.

These are all beautiful lessons learned around such a beautiful song.  Click HERE to listen to Sarah Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson sing, “WInter Song.”  You may have never heard it before, but it is definitely worth listening to.  Enjoy!


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