Time For Yourself. #833


I had such a fun afternoon yesterday.  I spent several hours crafting all by myself while the the rest of my family was otherwise occupied.  I was home alone…just me and my pets with several hours to spend as I wished.

In recent years, I haven’t been so indulgent to take that much time to myself.  It’s impossible to with all of the demands of being a mother and a wife and an employee.  Most of the other working moms that I know quibble about the same “lack of time” subject, but it is what it is.  Working moms are busy!

Yesterday I was forced to spend time crafting, because my crafting was work related.  It didn’t matter though.  Whether it’s for me or someone else, crafting is one of the rare activities I can be involved in where I completely lose myself and lose track of time.  I used to spend much more time doing it before the kids were born.

I made the big mistake of confiding in my doctor the other day about my lack of sleep.  “I’m busy from 5:30 am until midnight,” I explained.  “What exactly are you doing during those hours?” he wanted to know.  Oops…I felt so busted.  I began to tell him about all of many obligations, and he looked at me as if I were nuts.  “You need to make time for yourself,” he responded.  Omg….doctor’s orders.  Is my busy schedule actually something a doctor would lecture me about?  Holy moly!

It’s amazing how a few hours of crafting solitude can make you realize how awesome it is to have time to yourself.  Again….in my world it’s a bit of an indulgence, but one that I really should schedule in from time to time.

My song of the day is by an Indie band I’ve never heard of before this morning called Earlimart.  I found them because I was looking up songs about making time for yourself.  I discovered their very mellow “Time for Yourself,” which really fits this topic so perfectly.  Click HERE to hear a song from a band you maybe have never heard of before.  Finding new music requires time, so please make the time for yourself to listen to something new.  It’s good for your health.


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