I Melt With You, #834


When one of your children is sick, the whole world stops.  You are forced to cancel plans, activities, work, and it’s nearly impossible to get out of the house for anything at all.  I don’t know how single mothers do it, because I totally rely on my husband to pick up everything we need.

My son went to school with a little bit of a runny nose yesterday, but when I was waiting to pick him up, one of the other Moms came up to me to let me know that he was in the office.  Of course, I immediately thought he was in trouble, but his teacher told me he wasn’t playing during the their free time.  So, she took him to the office, and lo and behold….a sick boy.

We’ve had to cancel soccer practice, a birthday party for a friend, theatre tickets and perhaps a whole stream of activities for tomorrow, too.  It is a total bummer, but what can you do?

Our home is all about Ibuprofin, chicken soup and Gatorade today, and we’re crossing our fingers that tomorrow will be better.

My song of the day has nothing to do with being sick, but Modern English sings, “I stop the world and melt with you.”  I am using “I Melt With You” as my song of the day, because the world has literally stopped and the hot, hot, hot temps coming off of my kids’ body is enough to melt an ice storm.  So click HERE to hear it, as we are frozen in time for the moment.



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