Shake Your Shaker


Good morning, blog readers, and Happy Top 10 Tuesday!

For today’s blog post, I though it’d be fun to compile a list of songs for shaking your shaker eggs to.  Young children love shakers, as the unpitched rhythm gives them confidence for future music making.

Shakers are easy to make.  Add a little rice to a water bottle, and voila!  Shake away.  Click HERE for a previous Tucson Songstress Top 10 Tuesday blog post about making shaker eggs from plastic Easter eggs.

For convenience sake, you can also purchase shaker eggs, too.  They are relatively inexpensive.

Shaker Eggs

Click HERE to check them out on for purchase.

The Activity

There are many songs written specifically for shaking shakers, and I thought it’s be nice to have a list of them in one place.  So, have your child get out their shakers and shake along to the following:

1. “The Shaker Song” – The Music Lady(  Youtube link:

2.  “I Know a Chicken” – Laurie Berkner (  Youtube link:

3. “Shake Your Egg Shakers” – Miss Nina (  Youtube link:

4.  “Shake Shake Shake” – Sophie’s World (  Youtube link:

5.  “Shake Your Eggs” – Mr. Marty (  Youtube link:

6. “Shake Your Shakers” – Tumble Tunes (  Youtube Link:

This is a nice list of songs for you to get shakin’ with.  Enjoy!

I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s Top 10 Tuesday music activity.  For a complete list of the Top 10 Tuesday music instruments under $40 that will help promote music education in the home, click HERE.  For an archive of all previous Top 10 Tuesday music activities, click HERE.  Please don’t forget to check back every Tuesday for some more musical fun, and until next week, play on!


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