Margaritaville, #836


I am never eating hot buffet food from Whole Foods again.  Yes, you all heard me and are my witnesses.  As convenient and healthy and lovely as my local Whole Foods is, I am certain that the food from their hot food buffet bar is the culprit of some mild food poisoning I had last night.

I won’t go into the gory details, but like clockwork, exactly 1 hour after I ate the Mexican chile chicken stew, I was a mess.

I have  heard warnings about eating from those buffet bars before, but nevertheless, I have frequented places like Whole Foods and AJ’s and Sweet Tomatoes.  Well, this is it — next time I go to any of these establishments, I will only get food from behind the refrigerated deli counters.  I swear —  never again will I consume anything that’s been sitting out.  Blech….I’m even shuddering just thinking about it as I write this!

In remorse from my decision to eat that food last night, I am turning to Jimmy Buffet today as my song of the day.  You get it — food buffet/Jimmy Buffet.  That’s where my mind was going.  I would have much rather have been “wasted away again in Margaritaville” than “wasted away” in chile chicken stew.  So click HERE to hear Jimmy Buffet’s song as I dream of drowning that regret in a Margarita….well maybe tomorrow after my tummy has settled.


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