Ghostbusters, #837


“There is something strange in our neighborhood!”  Something very strange indeed.  Did I really read that news article right the other day?  Blockbuster is closing all of its retail stores?  Yep….it appears to be so.  (Click HERE to read more about it.)

I don’t know why this news surprises me in today’s world filled with the highly successful Netflix and Redbox.  The iconic demise of Blockbuster, however, has been a long time coming.  Nevertheless, there is still something very sad about seeing Blockbuster go away.

Blockbuster holds many years of entertainment for me.  In its ’90’s heyday, I spent so many nights on so many couches of college friends playing drinking games to “Goodfellas” or covering my eyes during Tarantino’s ear-cutting scene from “Reservoir Dogs.”  I ogled over Madonna’s real touring life in “Truth or Dare” and LMAO with Julie Brown’s spoof parody of the Madonna movie – “Dare to Be Truthful.”  All of these memories are due to Blockbuster, and it’s cheap evening of entertainment that helped college kids still have fun on weekend nights when we just felt like kicking it at home.

Blockbuster gave us a good strong decade of memories like these, which even fell into the early 2000’s when my kids were born.  Tarantino was traded in for Disney, and my kids loved walking up and down the “Family” section to pull favorite Disney choices.

My song of the day today is from a 90’s blockbuster movie, “Ghostbusters.”  It was the closest name I could think of and the first song that popped into my head when reading about the store closings.  Perhaps it is a far cry from this blog theme, but not really….because isn’t it movies like “Ghostbusters” that kept Blockbuster open for as long as it was?  Click HERE to hear the classic movie song and pray that you’ll be able to find this old film on Netflix in the future!

I, for one, will miss Blockbuster.   May its memory be a blessing as technology has advanced.  This old school gal is seeing it go with sweet memories attached.  Thank you for a decade of fun, dear Blockbuster.  RIP.



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