Or Chadash, #838


I am so excited today, because today, Tucson Songstress friends, is the birth a new blog endeavor for me!  The crazy thing though is that this new endeavor it is not part of The Tucson Songstress.  Today marks the beginning of a weekly Shabbat posting that I will be writing for the Tucson Jewish Community Center’s blog.  My weekly article is called “Shabbat Shmoozings, ” and the title completely describes my new writing.

Shmooze is the Yiddish word for making small talk, and this blog will be my shmoozy musings and rambles about stories I hear from around the Tucson JCC, Jewish resources and Tucson Jewish event reportings.  It is a beautiful marriage between me and the Tucson JCC, and I couldn’t be more excited to do this for them.

Please do check out my new “Shabbat Shmoozings” every Friday on the Tucson JCC blog page.  Here’s the link:  http://www.tucsonjcc.org/blog/.  My first post is now live, so please check it out!

For my song of the day, I am turning to American Jewish composer, Rick Recht, because his music feels perfectly apropos to begin this new Jewish endeavor with.  The word “chadash” means new in Hebrew, so his song “Or Chadash”  or “New Light” is the right fit for my “Shabbat Shmoozings.”  Coincidentally, it is also the name of the congregation I belong to, so the song even has a deeper personal meaning for me, as well.  Click HERE to hear Rick Recht’s beautiful “Or Chadash,” and please join me in taking new steps forward down a lovely writing path that means so much to me.



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