Jump, #840


Happy happy happy birthday to my awesome 7-year-old today!  We spent all day yesterday partying, and I loved watching his happiness all day long.  We will celebrate more today, but first a few highlights from an excellent birthday party at Get Air Trampoline Park in Tucson.

With the Get Air staff


Flipping Out!


Foam Pit


Fun for all ages, his sister loved jumping, too


Even my husband got in on the fun


Get Air has the perfect party area


Lego Cake


Making the wish come true with all his might


Nothing better than sharing it with friends.


Yes, it was a perfect day for my little guy.  Get Air has had some controversy in Tucson due to media coverage on some injuries.  My experience is that their staff supervises the children perfectly and that the news stations need to stop with the witch hunt.  This place is great, and if you follow their rules, you’ll have a blast.  Big thumbs up for a Get Air birthday, which I highly recommend to Tucsonans.

My song of the day is Jump by Van Halen, because jumping could make any kid (or grown up) happy.  Click HERE to hear the classic ’80’s rock song, and “go ahead jump!”



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