Jind Mahi – Bend it Like Beckham, #841


For years, I have been watching Moms drive around in mini vans and SUVs with their “soccer mom” bumper stickers, and I swore I’d never fall into the stereotypical Mom roll.  I’d be the cool rockin’ Mom who bathed her kids in creativity and music instead of grooming them for Sunday sports watching with beers in their hand.

Just look at me now though.  This was our Saturday afternoon.


I even drive an SUV….no bumper sticker though.  I do, however, scream my head off from the sidelines and even took on the volunteer role as “team mom.”  Yes, I have embraced my inner soccer mom, because I realized something important.  My kid loves to be active and spend time with his buddies on teams.  Whether or not sports is something I can relate to, it is good for my kid.  That is the most important mommy stereotype to take on – doing anything I can to help my child succeed.

So, I cheer my head off as my son “Bends it Like Beckham” on the weekends, and I schlepp him around with pride to all of his practices and games.


My song of the day today, is from the Hindi “Bend It Like Beckham” movie, because being a soccer mom is actually pretty great.  Click HERE to hear “Jind Mahi” and enjoy some classic Bollywood music on this Monday morning, and next Saturday, know that this Mom will be rooting for her mini Beckham boy kickin’ it all across the soccer field.


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