We’re Going to Be Friends, #843


My son’s best friend “punched” him in the face yesterday … on accident, of course.  It happened during karate class.  My son, not known for having the best of reactions, was annoyed by the incident for the rest of the evening.  The funny part is that I know that these two old chums will pick up right from where they left off the minute they see each other today.  They will be back to being friends instantaneously as if nothing ever transpired the day before between them.

I love watching my children’s friendships and to be a fly on the wall when they think I’m not watching.  Their real personalities shine through when I’m not around.  I can see how they interact, if they are polite and using manners, their problem solving skills, etc.

It’s strange….around me they totally let loose.  I know they are inappropriate from time to time just to get a rise out of me and to be mischievous, but the minute I turn my back, I think they somehow have become really good kids.  It feels great to know that all of my efforts pay off when they go out into the real world.  I love that!

My song of the day today is in honor of my children’s sweet little friendships.  Jack Johnson’s “We’re Going to Be Friends” off of the Curious George soundtrack really summed up school buddies, so click HERE to hear it.  I am so happy that my children have made friendships that make a strong impression in their lives, and I couldn’t be more proud of the people my kids are becoming.  There is nothing that expresses their personalities better than friendship.


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