Time of the Season, #844



I know it might sound a little mundane to have a blog devoted to the weather, but blog friends, changes in the seasons are more significant than you would think.  We have a couple of rainy days brewing in Tucson currently, and our temperatures are dropping.  I know that with this change in weather, will also bring about the colder season in Tucson…just in time for Thanksgiving.

Our days have been so perfect — temps in the 80’s, amazing sunsets, but this rain storm feels like it is closing the chapter on the mild Tucson Fall.  Though it is sad to say goodbye to perfect Fall, I am embracing the newer colder and darker days.

Changes, whether they are with seasons, work, family – -whatever – they bring on new possibilities.  With this rain storm comes a new feeling and energy.  It will bring the holiday season, the start of my new job, so many new experiences.  Yep, there’s been a shift in the wind, and I am so excited about what it will bring.

My song of the day is an oldie but goody from the 1960’s.  The Zombies’  “Time of the Season” fits this topic perfectly today, and besides, it’s a really cool song to boot.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it.

So, Mother Nature, bring it on!  I’m looking forward to rolling with anything you give me!  It’s all really good!


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