Sunny Came Home, #846



Yesterday was a really good day.  Super good and memorable, too.  We adopted a dog!!!!!  He is the sweetest and most precious little Golden Retriever mix.  We don’t get to bring him home until Tuesday, and we are so anxious and excited until our Sunny gets here.

First off, some people would think we’re crazy for getting another animal.  Our house already consists of 4 humans, 3 felines and 1 very silly Beagle named Bender.  Truly, there is no real justification for our trip to the Humane Society yesterday except that we have room to love another pet and think we can give this doggie a happy life in our big nutty family.  Our daughter had been begging for another dog, and I had been yearning for awhile, too.

As we walked into the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) yesterday, my husband said to us all, “It would take a miracle to adopt a dog today.”  Well, as we walked peering into the cages, my breath stopped as we took a look at our little miracle.  There was Sunny just waiting for us.  I really believe there was a bit of divine intervention involved, too, as Sunny only became adoptable that morning.  Typically, a young dog that is that cute would be adopted first thing in the morning, but Tucson was in the midst of a torrential downpour mixed with a city-wide bike rice.  Between the wet roads and bicycle race street closures, HSSA wasn’t very crowded until the rain subsided and the race was over.  Our timing was meant to be.

So, here’s our Sunny….


Before we signed the paperwork, we ran home to pick up Bender, our Beagle.  We need to make sure the dogs would be okay with each other.  After shakey paws and a little drooling, it was obvious that Bender and Sunny would become friends.  Check them out at their first meeting.


It was definitely a very good day, and we can’t wait to bring our new family member home.  In the meantime, I am humming one tune over and over in my head.  “Sunny Came Home” by Shawn Colvin seems like the perfect song for this life changing experience.  So, click HERE to hear it, and wish me luck getting us through the next couple of days while I wait for our Sunny to come home.  I can’t wait!


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