Baby Mine, #847


I am so happy to write and report to all of you this morning that I have, once again, become an Auntie!  My brother had a baby two days ago, and this baby is big, and healthy and extraordinarily beautiful.  Check him out!  This is probably the first photo ever taken of him!

Banyan_1st picture

My brother lives in Los Angeles, so we don’t see each other as often as I’d like.  He’s got two awesome kids already, and I can’t wait to get to know this little guy.  Being an Aunt is a perfect job, and I can’t wait to shower this little one with Auntie love.

So, a huge congratulations to my brother and my sis-in-law and their kids.  I am dedicating my song of the day today in honor of their newbie baby.  “Baby Mine” is a gorgeous lullaby.  I heard it first in the movie “Beaches” sung by Bette Midler, but I love this very soothing Allison Krauss version, too.  Click HERE to listen.  All my love! xo




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