Sgt. Pepper/A Little Help From My Friends, #848


Stand Off

Bringing home a new pet is exciting, but there is a degree of stress added to it, too.  My family already has a house full of pets, and each of them believe they rule the roost.  So when bringing home Sunny, our new Golden Retriever mix, the other animals were a little unsure that they wanted this new addition.

I brought him into the house on a leash.  Sunny immediately began to interact with the other animals.  There was no barking, no teeth, no hissing, and it only took me about an hour to take the leash off.  Though I would not exactly call Sunny & the other animals “friends,” it was clear right from the get go that they were not going to kill each other.

By the time bed time came around, this was the scene in my house.  All was calm and well.


Introductions of canine, feline or even human variety are tricky. It is awkward getting to know someone new.  Sometimes it’s easier than others, and fortunately, I think Sunny’s introduction was a smooth as you could hope for.

My song of the day is the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band/A Little Help From My Friends” medley.  I am sure you are wondering why I would choose these off topic songs.  “Sgt. Pepper’s” has one of the best introductions of all time in it, however…..”Billlllllyyyyy   Shears!”  Can’t you just hear that intro in your head as I’m mentioning it?  Click HERE to listen for yourself, because all day yesterday, I was singing “Suuuunnnny Boy” to the same “Billy Shears” melody.   Yep — “May I introduce to you….Suuuunnnny Boy!”



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