Chanukah Song, #849


Happy Thanksgiving, Tucson Songstress Friends!

I am so very grateful for all of the people who read my blog.  It still boggles my mind that people really are interested in what I write about.  So, big hugs and thank yous.  I love this blog so much, and it would not be nearly as successful as it is without the interactions that I have with all of you. xo

That said, it is nearly impossible for me to write today’s blog without talking about this new hybrid holiday that has strangely occurred this year.  Not only is it Thanksgiving, but it is also the 1st day of Hanukkah, and hence….a new holiday, Thanksgivukkah, has been born.

What I love most about this blend of the two holidays is all of the traditions that my family has spent a life time establishing, which are now being blended together.  My family actually celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday.  We had out-of-town relatives here for a big birthday bash, and it seemed right to share the holiday with them.  We even prematurely lit a Hanukkah candle just to celebrate both holidays with our loved ones.


The Hanukkah traditions began yesterday with our annual Menorah lighting at the JCC.  My husband and I lead the singing and lighting every year, and it’s become a big part of our holiday.  I can’t imagine a Hanukkah season without it.

JCCMenorah DreidleKids

Today, we’re headed over to my parent’s house to really share Hanukkah together.  This season is so much fun, and we are so excited for all of the fun ahead!!!!

Hanukkah wouldn’t be the same without Adam Sandler. (Another tradition)  So, click HERE to hear his very fun “Chanukah Song,” which I am using as my song of the day.  May it make you smile with laughter that adds to a very Happy Thanksgivukkah!  Gabble tov, y’all! (Good Gobble)


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