Chanukah Gelt Song, #850



Tucson is in for a treat this week, y’all!  The Klezmatics are coming to our local Fox Theatre!!!!  This is a not-to-be-missed show, and for those of you who have never heard of the Klezmatics, I must introduce you to them right now.

The Klezmatics are a modern-day Klezmer-infused folksy grass roots band that have greatly helped to revitalize this Eastern music of the Jewish heritage.  They are oozing with talent and would appeal to audiences young and old.  Their music is lively and fun and truly quite addicting, too.

Last Hanukkah season, I discovered their “Wonder Wheel” CD from 2006 on which they won a Grammy for.  That CD consisted of unsung lyrics by Woody Guthrie that the Klezmatics had set to music.  It’s an incredible CD that you all should check out.  Click HERE to read the blog I wrote about it in November 2012 entitled “Come When I Call You.”

We are so lucky that the Fox Theatre  and Tucson’s reform Jewish congregation, Temple Emanu-El, has quite ingeniously brought this extraordinary music to our town at Hanukkah time.  Click HERE to go to the Fox Theatre website to purchase tickets and for more details.

My song of the day is one of the Klezmatics’ wonderful Hanukkah songs.  The “Chanukah Gelt Song” is so joyous and catchy, and you all really should click HERE to listen to it and to join in on the fun.  I also love their “Happy Joyous Hanukkah” song that I wrote about last Hanukkah season, as well.  I found an awesome version of the Indigo Girls covering that super energetic song, so click HERE to read that blog post, too.

Really, blog friends, this is one concert you should go to.  You’ll be so glad you did, and it’ll be the best way ever to end up the Hanukkah season.  Happy Hanukkah — Klezmatics style!


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