Last Christmas, #853


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I am killing two birds with one stone.  I’m doubling up my song of the day post with my Top 10 Tuesday post.  I’ve never done this before, but Wham’s “Last Christmas” is the perfect song to use for both categories.  Let me explain…

I had a friend in college who used to hang jingle bells from her review mirror every holiday season.  I have specific memories of driving around in her little black Honda to a Christmas CD.  One of the songs on it was “Last Christmas,” and we would turn up the volume and play those jingle bells with oodles of glee along to the song.  We’d giggle through the whole thing, but it is such a happy little memory that has always stuck with me.

Typically, every Christmas season, I write about jingle bells.  Though they are not in my Top 10 Tuesday list of instruments (Click HERE to see the list), they are seasonally the best instrument around.

The following are previous “jingle bells” posts:

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” –

“Jingle Belling Through Christmas” –

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Today, however, I offer you “Last Christmas” in honor of a fun college memory.  Take out your jingle bells .. here’s a picture of my favorite pair.  (Available for purchase through – Click HERE to see.)

Jingle Bells_Amazon

Turn up your speakers loud, and play “Last Christmas.”  (Click HERE to listen and see and the video on Youtube.) See if you can spot the “jingle bells” part and play along.  It’s addicting and fun!  Have fun with this awesome Christmas jam that anyone can play along to!!!

Thank you all for visiting The Tucson Songstress.  Check back every day to read about my “song of the day,” and check back every Tuesday for a “Top 10 Tuesday blog post with music activities to try at home with your children.  Always remember to “play on,” because music adds beauty to anything ordinary!



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