Dog and His Master, #856



About a week and a half ago, we adopted a  dog from the Humane Society.  He is a big, fluffy ball of love and gentleness, and he has quickly earned his place in our family and in our hearts.  We love our sweet Sunny so much!

The Humane Society encourages you to bring newly adopted dogs to the vet and even pays for your first visit.  Yesterday was Sunny’s big day at our trusted vet who we adore.  I want to tell you all it was an excellent visit (which it was, of course), but I am so disturbed by the life poor Sunny must have had before he was picked up and brought into the shelter.

I was shocked when Sunny stepped onto the scale and only weighed 33 pounds.  He’s a big dog, and our much smaller Beagle weighs that weight.  Sunny truly is all fluff, but the vet pointed out that you can most definitely feels his ribs even if all the fur obstructs you from seeing them.  We learned that our sweet Sunny was underweight and even had a couple of ticks.  He is 11 months-old, not housebroken (though it’s starting to get better at our casa), didn’t have a microchip or tags and has a scar over his eye.  Where in the world did this poor doggie come from?  I don’t believe he was a stray…he is far too gentle and adorable.  What kind of pet owners would be so irresponsible and uncaring?  It makes me so mad!

I know Sunny’s story is a common one for adoptable pets, but when you live one of these stories first-hand, it is just so unbelievable to comprehend.  It is heartbreaking and the reason why I am compelled to write this blog post today.  If you have the space, love and time to bring a pet into your home, please adopt one.  There really are so many animals that need good homes.

My song of the day is by Marcy Playground.  It is upbeat, but don’t let it’s exterior fool you.  “Dog and His Master” is a dark tongue and cheek song, and it’s complexity seems appropriate for this topic.  Click HERE to hear the song, while I give extra hugs and snuggles to all of my little furry friends who are so dear to me.


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