On Broadway, #858


It’s the night of my show, and I’m a bundle of nerves today!  I teach a performing arts class to a group of very young elementary students, and our scripts are always original.  After 12 weeks of rehearsing with these kids, tonight is the big performance!  Ready or not, here we come.  Whatever happens, happens.

It is tricky working with little ones on shows, because you really never know what you’re going to get until the final hour.  My heart is so wrapped up in this play that I wrote and directed, and it all lies in the hands of these little Broadway hopefuls.  Only problem is that they’re just learning to read let alone memorize lines and stage directions.

So, deep breaths and fingers crossed.  Please let it go on without a hitch!!!

My song of the day is George Benson’s “On Broadway,” because these are our mini kid-style Broadway shining lights.  Click HERE to hear this Broadway anthem, and dear, sweet little ones…break a leg!!!


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