My Favorite Things, #864

A recycled snowflake holiday decoration.  Only Whole Foods would think up something this clever!

A recycled snowflake holiday decoration. Only Whole Foods would think up something this clever!

After I wrote my first blog post for Whole Foods  (Click HERE to read “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Mushroom Soup”), they contacted me again to ask if I was actually going to attend one of the “Dressing Rehearsals” events that I had advertised in my blog.  The truth is, I hadn’t planned on it.  My life is so incredibly busy, and weekends are precious time to me.

They asked if I could check out one of the three events I had advertised at their River Road location and report back to you all on what I found.  I began to think that perhaps it was a good idea.  I could continue to work with a company I love and believe in, feed my family lunch and get some good grocery shopping done at the same time.  “Sure,” I replied, happy to take on another assignment with Whole Foods.

What attending the “Santa’s Workshop: One-of-a-kind Gifts and Creative Ways to Wrap Presents” event made me realize is that Whole Foods needs to be recognized not only for their food and healthy living, but they are an incredible place to buy a gift, as well.  The fact is that Whole Foods is truly a one-stop shopping experience, and I don’t know about all of you, but that seriously appeals to this busy Mama.

So, that said, I am so excited to share all of the amazing gift ideas I found at Whole Foods River Road yesterday.  When I arrived at the store, I introduced myself to several of the staff and was immediately drawn to Carolyn & Julie.  These ladies were setting up a table of treasures that any shopper couldn’t help but “oooh” and “aaah” over.  Check out some of their goodies.

Carolyn and Julie, awesome Whole Foods staff sharing the excellent merchandise

Carolyn and Julie, awesome Whole Foods staff sharing the excellent merchandise

There were beaded bracelets….


And locally made soaps…


Nail polish…


And even a rocking monkey…


Carolyn and Julie even gave you ideas on how to wrap these gifts.  Check out these reusable bags and recycled tissue paper that Whole Foods sells.  What a smart way to wrap a gift!


I continued to walk around the store, and everywhere I looked, there were showcased holiday selections.

Gifts for men….


Gifts for Ladies…Please note, dear husband,  (as I know he’ll be reading this blog post) I covet this scarf.  Hint, hint, hint!!!!


Gifts for Kids…


Each one of these items are things that I would buy for myself or my own family, but my favorite part about Whole Foods gift shopping is their effort in doing good for the world.  Whole Foods shopping is shopping with a social conscience.  Just look at a few of the messages that were on the several items found in the store.  I love that!  It feels so good to shop and spend money when I’m doubling up on something that will help others.


I just have to post a few pictures of all of the holiday treats, too.  Talk about being a kid in a candy store!  I wish I could bring home everything!  Giving these yummy sweets, however, as a holiday gift would bring delight to anyone young or old.


Finally, though I was not expecting it, Whole Foods added a tasting to this “Dressing Rehearsals” event yesterday.  The staff served out an incredible spread of carved turkey, ham, roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy and brie with fig spread and marcona almonds.  Holy moly!  It was a feast and a complete treat!  Boy did we pick an awesome day to go to Whole Foods.  Seriously, blog friends…events at Whole Foods are fantastic and should be taken advantage of.


Of course, I am always able to find music in everything, and yes, Whole Foods even sells CDs!!!  As I thumbed through the very eclectic selection at the cash register (everything from Eminem to Celine Dion to Katy Perry to Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga), I absolutely knew what my song of the day would be the minute I spotted it.  Whole Foods is selling the new “Sound of Music” soundtrack with Carrie Underwood and Audra McDonald!


 “My Favorite Things” seemed so appropriate, as I knew wholeheartedly that all of these items I had been so closely inspecting while I was in the store were each something that would be a favorite thing if I owned them.  CLICK HERE to go to Youtube to hear the beautiful version of “My Favorite Things” – a true old-time classic with a new twist.   I love everything about Whole Foods, and they always say you should give gifts that you would love to receive yourself.  So, if I know you, please don’t be surprised if your holiday gift comes from this awesome store….a one-stop shop filled with “My Favorite Things.”

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Tucson – River Rd.)


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