The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, #866


I’ve been up since 5:30.  I can’t wait for my son to wake up.  Yesterday, he lost his first tooth, and boy was he excited.  He’s the very last one of all of his friends to lose a tooth, as he turned 7 about a month ago.

The tooth fairy was at our house last night.  I know she was, because I peeked in his room and found money, fancy pencils for good future tooth fairy letter writing and a tiny jar of fairy dust that will enable him to talk to her when he wants to.  He is going to be so excited when he wakes up to find all of these very special items left just for him.

It’s just about time to wake him…as soon as I have a few sips of coffee.  I am bouncing out of my seat to see his reaction.

Fairies are so perfect and mysterious to a child, so my song of the day is about my very favorite fairy.  I have always loved “The Sugar Plum Fairy” from the Nutcracker.  Tchaikovsky wrote perfect music, so click HERE to hear as my family feels all of the magic today.  Stay tuned for a photo a little later.  Hopefully I’ll capture his reaction.  Fingers crossed.



He was so happy.  Before I could get into his room, I suddenly heard, “Mom!  She came!”  Here he is showing me all of his treasures.



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