Feliz Navidad, #870


Merry Jewish Christmas. May your Chinese food be tasty and your movie options be plentiful.

Feliz Navidad from the Old Pueblo, Amigos!

My family is Jewish, but it’s funny, because I guess we’ve developed our own Christmas traditions on this holiday.  If we are not in California with our dear friends celebrating in their home, we are home spending time together as a family.  It is a family day no matter what your religion is, and I love it.

This morning, we are in jammies with a fire in the fireplace, a yummy spread of treats on the kitchen counter, and my kids even woke up with a letter from Santa and gingerbread men waiting for them.  My son confided in me this year that he thought the reason he never received gifts on Xmas was because he was on the naughty list.  I couldn’t have him thinking that, so here was the remedy….


Later on, we will go to a friend’s Xmas party for an amazing dinner.  She hosts it every year, and again, it has become another tradition for us.

I love Christmas even though I’m Jewish, because this holiday brings families together, and that is the best part of any holiday.

As my Christmas greeting to all of you, I am giving you all “Feliz Navidad” sung by Jose Feliciano, because this song really fits perfectly with the Southwest.  Click HERE to hear it, and Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


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