Too Much, #871


Christmas is a day designated for too much eating.  I have been on a no-carb diet for several months now, and technically my diet allows me to have 1 cheat meal a week.  I never take the cheat meals though, because I always figure that if I’m going to do it, then it’s going to be on some darn good food.  Dominos Pizza just doesn’t cut it for me.

We went to a Christmas party last night, and my friend is an extraordinary cook.  She has spent a lot of time in the South of France, and it is obvious how the European flavors and traditions have leaked into her American upbringing.  I knew that her party would be worthy of the cheat meal.

So, I didn’t hold back.  There were cheeses galore and French breads and several types of potatoes and stuffing and buttery noodles with amazing mushrooms in it.  It was a carb overload, and I am paying for it today.  It all tasted so good going down, but today I feel yucky.  It’s like a carb hangover.  You should see the lunch I packed for myself today….all rabbit food with grilled chicken protein.  Maybe I can counter balance my brief lapse in judgement.  I have never looked more forward to my time on the elliptical machine.

So, my song of the day is the perfect over indulgence tune.  “Too Much” by Dave Matthews is like a pig out anthem, so click HERE to hear it while I go eat some veggies and make my way back to protein.  Thank goodness for that.


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