Beds Are Burning, #873


Buying furniture in Tucson is a complete pain in the butt.  We just don’t have great furniture stores here.  The recession closed several of the good ones we had, and we are left with a lot of cheap garbage or too expensive for our budget stores.  The in between places are just gone.

Yesterday, we spent our entire day going from store to store looking for bedroom furniture for our daughter and a desk for our son.  Though we are closer than we were before, we still need to go out today for some more searching.  It is an annoying process that I know will be well worth it in the end.

Perhaps what is bugging me is that these little pieces of furniture represent so much more.  They represent that my kids are getting older, and in in the case of my daughter, she no longer needs her preschool room and is ready for something a little more mature.  My son needs a good work space for his homework.  Both are representative of children whose needs are changing.  It tugs on my heart, but I want to make their rooms perfect for them.  They deserve it.

So, back we go to the furniture stores today to finalize the purchases and a new phase of life with a new chapter.  My song of the day is Midnight Oil’s “Beds are Burning,” because I feel like we are putting out the flames of the young part of childhood and are finally moving forward.  Click HERE to hear the song, which truly feels bittersweet.  Onward and upward…


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