All You Have To Do Is Dream, #877


Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers are a singing duo I have always taken for granted.  This is music that is before my time, and though the songs are ingrained in me, I’m not sure how I learned them.  I have never owned their music, and though I know my Mother enjoys them, I don’t even recall hearing their songs in my home as a child.

Nevertheless, I recognize and sing along to all of their hits as they come on the radio knowing the words inside and out as if I wrote them myself.  Their harmonies are perfect and the tune infectious, and it is clear why bands like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel were so influenced by them

Reading of Phil Everly’s death yesterday has prompted me to listen to these gorgeous melodies once again and is inspiring me to take notice.  Boy…The Everly Brothers were good!  No wonder they were so adored.  Today, in tribute, I am giving them respect and appreciation that is long overdo for me.  My song of the day is “All You Have To Do Is Dream,” – the perfect song to highlight their talent.  Click HERE to listen, and I am humming along with big smiles knowing that this music is a legacy and will be around forever.  RIP, Phil!  Dream well!


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