The Best of You, #878


Yesterday was a big day.  We had bought new mattresses, and they were delivered to our house.  Not only does it mean a more comfortable night’s sleep for all of us, but it was also the significant moment for my daughter transforming her bedroom into the next phase of her life.  She is going from little girl room to big girl room, so it also meant that we needed some new bedding.

I have been scoping out the stores and had picked up sheets for her at Bed Bath and Beyond a few nights ago.  Even with my 20% off coupon, her plain full-sized sheets cost $40.  Before I made her new bed yesterday, however, I decided to head down to Ross Dress for Less and see if I could snag a few more items for this sweet room.  I have to remember to always shop there.  For $75 I bought a new rug, two decorative pillows, 2 standard pillows for her new shams, and 600 thread count king sheets for me and my husband.

So my question about all of this is “what gives?”  I just don’t understand how all my favorite regular stores like Ross or Tuesday Morning or Marshalls can charge so little for their sometimes high quality merchandise.  Is the mark up on all things retail so great that selling them at 50% off will still maintain a profit?  This all kind of drives me nuts.

Sure…I get it.  Businesses need to make a profit so they can create jobs – yada yada yada.  That is all fine, but I still prefer to get high quality at lower prices.  So sorry Bed Bath and Beyond – I’m returning the $40 sheets, because they aren’t any better than the $20 sheets I ended up buying.

My song of the day today is by the awesome, rockin’ Foo Fighters.  Their “Best of You” is about someone taking advantage of you, and that is exactly how I felt after realizing how much I can save at a discount store.  So click HERE to hear the song, and I promise….nobody’s getting the “best of me” anymore.  I am a smart shopper and proud of it!


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