Parents Just Don’t Understand, #883


My daughter has been getting into some rap music lately.  Lord help us!

She’s a fluffly rap lover, of course.  I think she just likes the beats and the rhymes, but she is definitely not a gangsta.  So, I thought of the fluffiest rap music I could think of.  Do y’all remember when Will  Smith was the Fresh Prince teamed up with DJ Jazzy Jeff?  Ha!  Man…this music brings me back!

We watched his “Parents Just Don’t Understand” video together.  And then….she dropped a bomb.  “Mommy, I think what he’s right.  Parents really don’t understand!”  Huh?  Say what?  Aren’t I like the coolest Mommy on the block?  Me?  The former rocker and self-dubbed fashionista?  How could I possibly not understand?

I asked her what she meant.  “Well, you know…you don’t like rap music or let me have all the toys that I want.”  Who in the heck just introduced her to The Fresh Prince?  And of course she can’t have every toy she wants!  OMG!  I think I’ve become my mother!

There’s no real conclusion to this blog.  We finished our conversation with her believing that I still wasn’t hip enough to understand anything in her world.  I am old and corny and out of touch, I guess…at least in her eyes for now.

So, my song of the day is, of course, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.  Click HERE to hear it.  Oy vey!  Wait until my son here’s their song “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble.”  I think I’ll keep that one away from him for awhile!



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