I Think I Love You, #884


I am a product of the 70’s, and friends, I really don’t want to see David Cassidy looking like this:


Hell no!  He should always look like the teen heartthrob from The Partridge Family.  This is the David Cassidy we all know and love:


We all know the whiny tearjerking stories of the poor child actors who got too much too soon.  They piss all of their Hollywood money away with drugs or alcohol.

Well, I’m sick of hearing that story.  It’s annoying.  I feel like getting out the violins and issuing a big “Boo Hoo” to chime off all around them every time they make a completely stupid choice.

Stop drinking and driving, David Cassidy.  Your mug shots are unappealing, and you’re just being chalked off to a group of young stars that fell into a pathetic life.  Go get some help, and quit getting yourself in situations that get horrible mugshots plastered all over the internet.  That is not the way you should be remembered.

Ok….that said and off my chest, I feel like hearing a little Partridge Family music this morning.  “I Think I Love You” is the Partridge Family signature song, so click HERE to hear it and help me remember that sweet David Cassidy in the way that I wish to.


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