Let’s Stay Together, #885


A rare event occurred on Saturday evening.  Both of my kids had sleepovers at friends’ houses, and it left me and my hubby to a sacred evening alone together.  I cherished every second spent with him at dinner and even shopping afterwards at the grocery store.  Just to be alone with him for any length of time is an absolute luxury that I would never take for granted.

That said, listening to my children describe their special time with their friends was complete bliss, as well.  I loved listening as they recounted all of the details.  My son camped out in his buddy’s tent and my daughter learned how to bead earrings.  They went on and on with enthusiasm and loved talking about their experiences.  What a joy to see their excitement!

Bottom line is that I love my family…..all combos of us are great, and I really look forward to the special times we share.  Oh….I’m feeling blessed!

My song of the day is Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” because that’s how I feel about my family.  I like sticking with them!  Click HERE to hear the song, and maybe I can get my daughter to teach me how to make those earrings.  Yay for sleep overs!

Handmade with love by my daughter!

Handmade with love by my daughter!


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