The Power of Gold, #886


The sweetest and most special thing happened to me yesterday!  My Aunt, who I haven’t seen in a really long time, took me by such surprise.  She happened to be part of a meeting at my work and knew I would be there.  “Come see me when you have a few minutes,” she texted.

I had no idea what was on her mind, but then, she began to pull a zip lock bag out of her purse with a very old jewelry case held together by masking tape in the hinges that had fallen apart over time.  “You can tell me if you don’t like it, but this bracelet used to belong to my mother.  My kids would never wear it, but I thought you’d appreciate it.” — or something to that affect.  The words were a blur, as I was overwhelmed of the gorgeous jewelry before me and more importantly the sentiment that oozed from her words.  I was so touched!

Here’s a picture of this very vintage bauble of which my Aunt knew nothing of the history.  It’s center is a Star of David, and she thought that perhaps it was from Israel.


What a significant moment that I am still just running through my mind over and over again.

I know that the bracelet is pure material possession, but really it is so much more.  It symbolizes a special moment between me and my Aunt.  It is a piece of legacy from her mother, who of course, I grew up knowing, too.  It is a responsibility to wear it well and carry on the tradition of that elegant lady who wore it before me. I love my bracelet!

My song of the day is “The Power of Gold” by Dan Fogelberg.  Click HERE to hear it.  because in this sense, gold can be very powerful….powerful enough to tug on my heart strings and make me feel cherished.  What a special surprise!


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